• Residential and Commercial Fence Installation in Springfield Illinois and Surrounding areas

    Are you looking for a professional fencing contractor to help you protect and secure your property? The skilled team at Bliesner Fence Company can offer you a wide range of products all installed with exceptional quality and precision. We’ve been serving both residential and commercial customers throughout the Springfield, IL area since 2003. Consult our expertise for help finding the perfect solution to your needs!

  • Commercial Fences

    No matter what your business is, we can help you protect it with numerous fencing and gate solutions. Whether your needs involve decorative fencing, security fencing, dumpster enclosures, privacy fences, railings, or other types, our contractors are always available!

  • Chain Link Fences

    Chain link is the most popular type of fencing for a variety of reasons. It’s the most cost-effective solution, being a fraction of the price of other materials. Additionally, it’s one of the most durable options on the market as well. There are a variety of design options to choose from and installation of chain link is easier and quicker than other types. Call our team to discuss these and other benefits!

  • Wood Fences

    If you’re looking for dependable security for your property with a classic sense of style, wood fences are the choice for you. Wood is another very affordable and durable option that also offers the ability to adapt to your personal design style. These fences come in several options and can be painted or stained to any shade to match the other structures on your property. Pressure treated pine and spruce are affordable options that often come treated with insect repellent. Cedar and cypress fencing, however, has natural repellent properties as well as a resistance to rotting for long-lasting durability. No matter which type you choose, a wood fence also has the benefit of boosting your property’s value, too! Talk to a Bliesner Fence representative about what type of wood fence is right for you!

  • Aluminum Fences

    For enhanced strength and durability, many property owners turn to aluminum fencing. Aluminum will not rust, rot, or fade making it a very low maintenance option. Aluminum fencing is also very versatile, able to be installed on flat or sloped properties alike. It may have a higher price at installation, but its longevity will more than makeup for the expense. This fencing material also offers a variety of options for additional security and visual appeal.

  • Vinyl Fences

    Vinyl provides a virtually maintenance free fencing system that offers endless choice in regards to color and texture. Whether you’re looking for a decorative picket fence or a sturdy, secure privacy fence vinyl offers superior durability which is often backed by a lifetime guarantee. Give your property a facelift and yourself some peace of mind with a beautiful vinyl fence!

  • Dog Kennels

    Outdoor dog kennels are a great way to give your beloved pet some space to play while keeping them safe – and out of your hair! If your dog is kept indoors for too long, they may become bored and get into some mischief. With an outdoor kennel, you can give them some fresh air in a safe and comfortable space. Talk to our fencing contractors for more details!

  • Custom Gates

    A fence won’t do your property any good if you can’t get in and out of it. Bliesner Fence Company also installs quality gates for security and accessibility. A custom gate installed by our professionals will give your property pleasing aesthetics combined with a high level of convenience. Talk with our courteous staff about the many options you have when adding a gate to your yard’s fence.

  • Pool Enclosures

    Pools are a wonderful luxury for your home but also come with extra responsibilities. A custom enclosure can help keep you and your property safe. If you have children or pets around your home, an enclosure can literally be a life-saver. Additionally, installing a pool enclosure can help you abide by local laws in regard to the construction of your pool. Protecting your property in this way can also help reduce liability in the case of an accident.

  • Temporary Fence

    If your business involves some manner of outdoor activity – from construction to concerts or sporting events – you may want to consider some temporary fencing in order to keep your equipment safe and your site secure. Temporary fencing is a fast and affordable method of managing your liability and controlling who has access to your property. Discuss your needs with our experts today!