• Experienced Fence Repair Springfield Illinois and surrounding areas.

    No matter how strong or durable a fence is, it will undoubtedly encounter some form of damage in its lifespan. Wear and tear, weather, vandalism, accidents, and more can all wreak havoc on your property and its enclosures. Regardless of how your fence was broken, you can trust the fencing contractors at Bliesner Fence Company to help you out with expert repair services! From small repairs or corrections to replacing entire sections, we’ll get your property’s border – and your security – restored in no time!

  • Wood Fence Repair

    Whether it’s become rotten or broken through storm or accidental damage, we can repair the slats, pickets, or posts and make sure to match the type and color of the wood so your style and your protection stays intact!

  • Chain Link Fence Repair

    Other than accidental damage, rust is the biggest concern for chain link fences. Bliesner fence specialists can remove and replace any rusted sections to keep your fence at the maximum level of protection to your property. Additionally, we can replace any posts or rails that become damaged as well.

  • Vinyl Fence Repair

    While vinyl fencing is the most durable material and doesn’t need much maintenance to be at its best, accidents do happen. Should any section of your vinyl crack or break we can replace it without affecting the integrity of the rest of the fence.

  • When you call on our fencing experts, we’ll save you money and keep your property secure through our knowledgeable, skilled repair service! Don’t decide on replacement until we’ve had a chance to repair it! Since 2003, Bliesner Fence Company has been the go-to company for local fencing solutions. Whether your property is residential or commercial, our specialists can make sure fence is healthy, secure, and able to protect your interests for years to come!